Hi I'm Mika,

Welcome to my place.

Mika's Mazes is AWESOME!

Help me avoid Gum and use UPs, Bubbles and Secret Doors in a race against the clock!

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Amazing features

Mika's Mazes is an awesome game with many cool features.

Unique, Intuitive Game Play

Mika's Mazes is a game designed from the ground up to be unique, intuitive and lots of fun.

Cool Power-Ups & Traps

Use UPs to see more, Reset Timers for more time, Bubbles to float over walls, Keyholes to open secret doors.  Avoid the sticky gum and don't get dazed.

Ideal for All Ages (4+)

Mika's Mazes has no violent elements and is suitable for all ages, challenging skill, memory and logic.

Free has 35+ Hand Built Mazes

We build these mazes by hand to ensure interesting and challenging game play.

Full Version has 80+ Hand Built Mazes

Our premier version has over 100 hand built mazes including EPIC sized mazes to challenge your skill, memory and logic.
*** On Sale Now ***

Watch Out for Easter Eggs

We have cool Easter Eggs, sign up for our newsletter or join our Twitter feed to get exclusive Easter Eggs, including Zen Mode and 9 Bonus Mazes.

Our Team

We are a small indie developer based in Concord, MA.



Lead Designer and Developer.



Graphic Artist and
the Voice of Mika.


Alex "Leski"

Sound and Maze Development.

Video Demo

Here is a quick video demonstration.

What People Have Been Saying

Here are some of the things that people have been saying about Mika's Mazes.

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