The Concept


Through The Mush and Darkness: Ascenthius was created

As the mutliverses began to form amongst the astral seas, and life began to grow, into one space was born 7 primordial beings, powerful but lost. They found each other and through that they discovered their gifted natures and built their identities. Arakith, the most powerful and influential of the seven, was appointed the king of these “godlike” beings. Through his veins coursed the magic capable of creating planes of existence and filling them with life. Like an arcane artist he built Ascenthius; the home of the gods, imaged after a dream; thus bestowing the title of “the Dreamweaver” upon him.


Father’s favorite

Arakith was somewhat like a father to the other gods and as the king/father he had a favorite. His favorite was Viscendithas, The Adventurer or the Planewalker because, unlike the other gods including him, Viscendithas was not bound to stay on Ascenthius. Viscendithas had the ability to leave a plane or world and enter another. But seeing as there was only one world that Arakith had created, there was nowhere for the Planewalker to explore.


Father’s Favorite: The Gift of Merithius

Arakith had the idea to create a world and inhabit it with creatures and give it life and meaning. A million years in the making and Viscendithas was shown this new world in which its and intellectual, magical inhabitants revered and worshiped The Adventurer.


Viscendithas and his star pupil Agyr Munn

During the creation of Merithius, magic had become and essential part of life to the 4 dominant and highly intellectual species that inhabit this world. There was a child born of the human species called Agyr Munn who was born magical which only happens once every 1000 earth years. Agyr Munn became Viscendithas’ brightest pupil. He taught Agyr the art of Astral Projection where one goes into a dreamlike state and can project their ethereal self anywhere within a world if one is strong enough.


Tienvaak’s Cry for Help

The astral mush that surrounds Merithius is usually dense but as the Planewalker was exploring the outer reaches of Merithius, he came across a weak spot in the mush. Through the weak spot he could faintly hear the cry for help by an ethereal being called Tienvaak. Tienvaak is a sentient dragon from the plane or world of Draconica. He, versed in magic, attempted to reach out to other beings hoping to find someone to communicate to tell them that his own planet is dying and with it its inhabitants.



The Darkness that has fallen over Draconica

After the Planewalker hears Tienvaak’s desperate cry for help and calls upon his star pupil to assist him, they start to understand what is happening in Draconica.


Through Terror and Woe

The war that was raged on Draconica left the entire planet in a state of chaos and the inhabitants weary and afraid for their lives.


Understanding Evil

The God of Destruction, Malice is inherently evil, laid even more devastation upon this already weary and withered planet. Tienvaak after a heroic battle manages to defeat Malice using the Astral Blade leaving a now ravaged, desolate and decaying wasteland slowly being eaten away by the dark, magical energy released upon Malice’s death. Tienvaak struggles to try and help Planewalker understand the concept of evil, as nothing like it has ever existed in Merithius or Ascenthius.


Seeing is believing

Agyr and Viscendithas are struck by this new concept of evil and cannot understand what Tienvaak is trying to convey. Agyr suggests that he create a small rift, which he and Viscendithas travel through to Draconica and see for themselves what evil truly means.


The plight of Draconica

The two arrive on Draconica and immediately are greeted by Tienvaak, the enormous dragon with which they have been ethereally corresponding. As they are able to see the wasteland that has become of this once imposing grey-ish colored scenery with thousands of green crystalline structures dotting the landscape, now in the process of being entirely consumed by Malice’s putrefying corpse. The landscape is almost covered by a thin wispy veil of purple and orange fire. Upon seeing the complete desolation of this planet, Agyr and Viscendithas begin to understand Tienvaak’s pain and desperation.


The Great Rift

The entire populous of Draconica (including their other gods) seek to find its refuge on Merithius. Only one thing stood in their way. The astral mush. The only way was to completely destroy all of the astral mush between the two planes to allow the migration of Draconians into Merithius. Destroying the astral mush was a great undertaking for the short amount of time that the dying world had left. But the 3 worked ferociously to try and save the sentient beings of Draconica.


The convergence of the 13 worlds

In the destruction of the astral mush between Merithius and Draconica, a number of other planes or worlds came into our multiverse. Besides Merithius, Draconica and Ascenthius, another 10 worlds breached the gap in the astral mush, all completely new to the beings of the three pre-existing worlds. No one foresaw the coming of the 10 worlds, not even any of the gods.